Why bowls baby

We hope for a world with no nasties, so we don’t put any in our food. From artificial flavours to added sugars – you won’t find any of it in our bowls.

We’ve built our menu with a range of fresh ingredients that help you be the very best version of who you are – you’re the hero we’ve been holding out for. Our flexitarian approach ensures we’re a delicious bowl for everybody, all made fresh to order and served up in packaging made from plants, not oil.

It’s not about being better than one another. It’s about being better together.


We believe life is an opportunity – a chance to leave a positive mark at every touchpoint, from our people, to our food and to our sustainable packaging.

That means creating bowls that leave our customers more nourished than yesterday. That means supporting our people to leave us more grounded, supported and capable than when we hired them.


Bowls Baby has your back,
no matter how big or small the event.

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Our locations

Melbourne CBD

97 Little Collins St

Melbourne Vic 3000

(03) 9654 8887

Mon. — Fri. 8.00am — 8.30pm

Sat. 9.00am — 8.00pm

Sun. 9.00am — 4.00pm


35 Rose St

Essendon Vic 3040

(03) 8256 3360

Mon. — Fri. 8.00am — 8.30pm

Sat. 9.00am — 8.00pm

Sun. 9.00am — 4.00pm



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